Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Book 21 of 52:
Then She Was Gone is the newest thriller from author Lisa Jewell (The House We Grew Up In, The Girls). As my selection for April’s Book of The Month, I was excited to get my hands on the thriller and see what all the buzz was about. A lot of people online expressed interest in this book, as it was being released on BOTM before the official US release date.

**Warning***Spoilers Below**

However, I’m one of the minority that found this book fairly predictable. Within the first few chapters we know who kidnapped Ellie and where her remains were found 10 years later. While we didn’t know the details of her captivity, I feel that a lot of the wind was taken out of the sails of this book by revealing too much too soon. If, for instance, we didn’t know that her tutor had kidnapped her, we might have had more suspicion towards Floyd, giving more tension to their scenes together. Instead, I just had a fair amount of confusion as to how much he really know about his daughter.

However, I did find the scenes of Ellie locked in the basement facing a mysterious pregnancy dark and edgy. They were what I expected going into the book, and they had me hooked.

The biggest twist this book contained was the ending. Just when I thought we were finally going to have some action between Floyd and Laurel, Floyd exits stage left and let’s her watch a video confessional of his and Noelle’s crimes, letting her take custody of Poppy.I’m pretty shocked overall by the 5 star ratings that this book has been garnering on Goodreads. While I was surprised by the last few pages, I couldn’t warrant that as more than a 3-3.5 / 5 rating.

But that’s the best part of a review. It’s just an opinion. If nothing else, this book was entertaining.

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