How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

Book 27 of 52: How to Walk Away by Katherine Center. I needed a refresher book to kick off the month after reading so many dark stories in May. How to Walk Away was exactly what I needed. “When you don’t know what to do for yourself, do something for someone else.”

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Book 22 of 52: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. In this crime thriller by Stephen King, a mass murderer kills 8 people by driving a Mercedes into a crowd waiting in line at a job fair. A year later, when lead detective on the case Bill Hodges retires, he receives a letter from the elusive... Continue Reading →

Bend, Not Break by Ping Fu

Keeping with my decision to read books for Women’s History Month by or about influential women or women from different backgrounds than myself, Bend, Not Break was an inspiring choice. Ping Fu was raised in China at the onset of the cultural revolution. Separated from her family, raised in persecution, child labor, and responsible for... Continue Reading →

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